Internet 101: 'Masters Girl' Is Identified As A Texas Tech Cheerleader, She Immediately Embraces Viral Moment

So this clip went viral over the last couple days, because, well, it was a good old fashioned Internet moment. Viral moment, people figure out who she is: 

This is what the Internet should be used for. It's how it used to be. Moment goes viral, people research and we quickly judge whether or not that person is awesome or Ken Bone weird. Then blog and move on to the next one. Brings us back to the simpler times of 2010. Anyways, Aaliyah is a cheerleader at Texas Tech. Big time couple weeks for Texas Tech finally landing Grant McCasland as its new basketball coach and getting some run at the Masters. 

Smartly, she's leaning right into it.

Yeah, this is EXACTLY what you should do in this situation. You got your 15 seconds of fame at the Masters, you run with it. Change your name to Masters Girl. That's who she turned into the last couple days and rightfully so. I think the only upset here was Aaliyah going to Texas Tech and not an SEC school. Thought for sure we would have saw 'Ole Miss cheerleader' or 'Wake up with Mintzy diehard fan'. You know, something along those lines. 

On the other side, kind of love her mom pumping out the content. She wants everyone to know her daughter. Smart.

Go get that NIL money, Masters Girl. 


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