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Billy McFarland Announces Fyre Fest II Is Finally Happening


Billy McFarland has been out of the clink for a year now following his four year stint for wire fraud, and ladies and gents, he's ready to scam party again. This is excellent news if you've got money to burn and love cheese sandwiches.

Obviously McFarland's declaration is making waves (albeit small ones) because Fyre Fest I didn't go very well. Here's a quick refresher:

The original event was intended to promote the music booking app of the same name. Ja Rule was even on board. Set to take place in the Bahamas for two weekends in April and May, the luxury music experience was promoted heavily by influencers ranging from Emily Ratajkowski to Kendall Jenner, most of whom also didn't disclose they were paid to do so. 

After touting the original Norman's Cay island as being owned by Pablo Escobar at some point, its owners rescinded the initial arrangement for him to host a festival there. Subsequent promotional materials continued to pretend that the locations were owned by Escobar, despite the new site not even being an island. It was actually a parking lot. Every single artist announced pulled out, including Pusha T, Kaytranada, Lil Yachty and more. 

Instead of luxury villas, attendees were provided FEMA tents. Celebrity chef-made meals were replaced with cheese sandwiches. Luggages were lost, there was a lack of medical attention and security was very aggressive. All in all, the event did not end up taking place with everyone returning to Miami after a period of being stranded on the island due to flights being barred in and out of the Bahamas.

No word yet on the actual location/general plans for this one, but I have to wonder what musical artists would be willing to put their reputation on the line for it. That being said I'm dumb enough to be intrigued and am already plotting my pitch for Barstool to send me there. Best case scenario, some meat with the cheese sandwiches this time and it raises funds for all the locals he screwed over on the island last time?? Eh?? Pathetically interested to see how this develops. 


Fun side note, at an upcoming Rough N Rowdy Billy McFarland was going to fight our own Billy Football in a classic Billy Battle, but then apparently kept backing out on dates & said he'd only do it if it was strictly kickboxing and then pulled out altogether. Sad because all Magnises card holders were going to get a great discount on the PPV, and love him or hate him, the guy has a kickable face. 

Patrick McMullan. Getty Images.