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These 3D Printed Steaks Are Where We, As A Society, Need To Finally Draw The Line

We desperately need to get back to a point where we are allowed to bully the shit out of nerds. Because by the looks of it, nerds are currently the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced. 

Think about what these jabronis have been up to lately. They've been building robots that can wipe us out physically. They've been creating artificial intelligence that can destroy us mentally. And now they're trying to replace your ribeye with these 3D printed nonsense? I mean what the heck are we even doing here, people? How is there not a bigger push to start mercilessly bullying nerds again? 

The world going to complete shit directly coinciding with the "stop bullying" campaign is no mere coincidence. That shit is what we call "cause and effect". The moment we started to let nerds feel comfortable, this is what they do to us. If we don't want to end up eating steak from a computer, then nerds need to start getting their heads dunked in toilets again and their underwear pulled up around their head. 

And here's the thing--part of me gets it. Part of me understands the need to find a better solution to the way we skull fuck the planet with our eating habits. But it sure as shit ain't this. This final product right here is making me root for global warming to finally take the one last step to greatness and destroy our shit. 

I can't even explain what that looks like it would taste like. Maybe like a beef-ish flavored jello? Whatever it is, it looks like dog shit. But if we don't bring bullying back, then that'll be what's on your dinner menu. So hopefully this grotesque abomination of a "steak" is enough to get people to finally wake up and realize we are under attack by the nerds.