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Being OK Being Alone, The Highs & Lows of Mental Health & Peeing In The Shower

This week we’re live from Kontent Kim’s apartment!!!!!!! Do you pee in the shower? All the cool kids do. After all It’s sterile. This week we’re going to okc and first stop: WHAT A BURGER. or water burger. Kidding. We start of silly with all things **RISE UP LIGHTS!** and then we get into saying yes and socializing. How sometimes, the best things in life aren’t planned. And when you show up alone you’re forced to be yourself. Then, we talk about mental health and how talking about it to friends can be received, and perceived. Our listener question is **what makes a bad kisser?** And Jordyn has to go to the airport so we GTG but Alex, can you please do a better sign off?


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