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Elbowing Players In The Face, Allegedly Showing Up To Games Drunk - Just Another Ho-Hum Weekend For Soccer Refs Across Europe

We saw this yesterday morning. A little elbow to the throat from a linesman. Once again we are shown that refs are pointless, power-hungry pieces of shit that just want to ruin sports. We need to come together as a society and fight back against the disgusting behavior from refs. It wasn't even just in England!

While that stole the news, there was this headline: 

[Source] - A REFEREE denied "fake news" claiming he and three other officials arrived drunk and fought other passengers before officiating a match in Greece.

First official Pawel Raczkowski, his assistants Radoslaw Siejka as well as Adam Kupcik and VAR ref Krzysztof Jakubik have categorically denied those reports and stated they were in fact the ones assaulted.

According to Sport24, the four refs landed in an intoxicated state at Athens International Airport on Saturday, something that was "confirmed" by AEK Athens who were set to face Aris with the Polish refs officiating tonight at OPAP Arena.

What the hell is going on out here?!? I mean, sure, who doesn't like to dabble in some drinks while flying? There's no other way to fly. You need something to calm the anxiousness of dealing with idiots. Seriously, it's really not that hard to figure out what goes in the bin at security and how to board a plane. Just use your brain one single time. 

But back to the elbowing in England. This linesman should be forced to call like 5th tier soccer. Think if the roles were reversed. We saw Aleksander Mitrovic from Fulham get an 8-game suspension for this: 

I stand with Mitrovic here. I've complained for decades about college basketball refs. We all come together every March to do just that. But we can't stop there. We can't keep letting soccer refs getting away with it. We can't let Joe West win. We can't let Gene Steratore try to confuse us by always agreeing with whatever the call on the field is during an NFL replay. 

That said, getting drunk on planes is highly encouraged.