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Jason Day Revealed That Tiger Woods Withdrew From The 2022 PGA Championship Because A Screw Had Broken Through The Skin On His Surgically Repaired Leg

Well this is news. We've definitely seen Tiger labor through every round he's played in the past year and know he's in a great deal of pain and discomfort... but a screw? Through his damn skin? That's INSANE.

This is as good an indication as any just how fragile Tiger Woods' leg is. Guy is going through hell and back just to tee it up and show he can still hang. I don't think it's underappreciated by us as fans... we just may not have realized just how numbered his days are. Or at least not until this week when he could barely walk coming up 17 in the 3rd round.

All of that considered, it continues to be so damn impressive that he still gets it around. With all that his body has gone through and the simple fact that he's 47 years old, it's crazy that he's made 4 out of 5 cuts post car wreck. He pretty much exhausts himself to do it... but he's been doing it. With a paper mache leg with screws hanging out every which way. 

What a savant. Thank god for Tiger Woods.