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Draymond Green Wasted No Time Hopping On Twitter So He Could Take His Shots At Rudy Gobert

David Berding. Getty Images.

Like most of the basketball world, Draymond Green hates Rudy Gobert with a passion. Their beef is certainly nothing new, dating back to the time Rudy cried over being snubbed from the All Star Game

There's obviously no love lost between these two guys. Both insufferable for their own reasons, this is one of those beefs where you almost hope both guys lose. Guys like Gobert, Draymond, Dillon Brooks etc. We all lose when these guys are involved in drama, despite it being wildly entertaining.

Fast forward to October 7th, 2022. You may remember this as the time that the Draymond punching Jordan Poole video broke

You know who decided to chime in that day?

Again, part of me loves Gobert for the dig, but the majority of me thinks he's annoying as hell so I wish it was coming from someone else. One of those situations where he's not wrong, but it's coming from the wrong source.

Fast forward again to April 9th, 2023. On the day Rudy Gobert found himself punching a teammate, guess who just had to chime in

God dammit. See this is an A+ tweet by Draymond. I would even go as far to say it's the perfect tweet. Another situation where it's a great dig but I can't stand the source. But I can put that aside and respect some Grade A chirping. I'm taking off 0.5 points for adding in the extra periods, I feel like if he had copied it exactly it would have been a perfect score, but that's nitpicking. 

What I would love to know though is if someone sent this to Draymond or if he just had this in the vault all this time since October, just waiting for the perfect time to unleash it. I'd like to believe he had it ready to go. Given the good day the Warriors had as a team and what it means for their potential playoff run, I'm sure Draymond felt fantastic when he hit send on that tweet. To know you not only buried the guy but you're also about to go mega viral has to be quite the feeling. 

If you're Gobert, what do you even do? You have to just eat that and take it on the chin I think. Any sort of response wouldn't go over well and probably just make things worse, and it seems like he has bigger fish to fry at the moment

What are the chances every single teammate left him on read? I say it's the lock of the century.