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Jon Rahm Predicted His Masters Win After Reading A Fortune Cookie Nearly A Decade Ago

Talk about calling your shot! 

In 2013 Rahm was a college sophomore at Arizona State. He had success early at ASU, but he was hardly in any position to be making predictions like winning the goddamn Masters. Yet there he was, finishing up an orange chicken platter at the food court and proclaiming he'd climb golf's greatest mountain. By the way, the @goodwalkspoiled tagged on the tweet? That's Tim Mickelson, his coach at ASU at the time and was on Phil's bag when he made his charge today. Some real full circle shit right there.

His win has felt inevitable over the past few years. He's been the best player on the planet pretty much since he arrived on Tour and has pushed his PGA Tour win tally to 11 now. That, and he's got a pair of major wins now. Big time stuff, and there's no signs of slowing down.

I'd like to take a moment to take credit for calling this as well

But I was years behind Rahm himself on calling his shot. Congrats to Jon, and we'll see how many more he can take down.

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