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It Is With Great Sorrow That I Report Tiger Woods Has Withdrawn From The 2023 Masters

Ross Kinnaird. Getty Images.

Well this is a gosh darn shame. All that hard work, grinding through the wet and cold to make the cut on the number… and now he can’t even finish out. 

As the weather worsened on Saturday and the horn was on the verge of being blown, he looked like he was in immense pain, struggling to even walk on the 17th fairway 

All of this begs the question… how long is he going to continue to do this? It’s clear he’s still got the game to hang around these guys given that he’s made 4 of 5 cuts since coming back at last year’s Masters.

But he’s also failed to finish out in 2 of those 4 made cuts and he really hasn’t sniffed contention in any of them. 

The guy loves competitive golf and I imagine he’ll keep going until the missed cuts start to pile up. But it clearly takes a lot out of him to make the effort and he’s not getting any younger. 

We’ll see. I can envision him rededicating himself to competing on the Champions Tour once he hits 50 and can use a cart. It would be very on brand for him to make it his mission to become the greatest Champions Tour golfer who ever lived. But that’s 3 years away. He’ll probably just continue on with much of the same in the meantime.

It’s just a bummer. We’ll see if the plantar fasciitis is such that it keeps him out of the PGA next month.

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