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Jorge Masvidal Retires After Losing UFC Miami Co-Main Event To Gilbert Burns

After starting his career in Miami, Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal is also calling it a day in Miami.

Gilbert Burns just DOMINATED the hometown hero for three straight rounds in tonight's co-main event, besting him on their feet, in the grappling department, on the ground, and pretty much everywhere he possibly could. Despite the belief a lot of us had in "Gamebred" (especially after watching him walk out to the Scarface theme in Miami), I think this was pretty much how we all saw that fight playing out in our heads. Burns is just levels above him at this point.

Masvidal had teased before this fight that he'd retire with a loss, and he did just that after the scorecards were read. He thanked the crowd for their support, and said sometimes your favorite basketball player doesn't have their three-pointer anymore, and that he doesn't feel the same as he used to in that cage. He then thanked Donald Trump for his support, shouted out Ron Desantis, and started a "LET'S GO BRANDON" chant as he left the cage one final time.

Now, this IS an MMA retirement, and MMA retirements almost NEVER last, so take that as you will. I think it's a little premature myself, considering how many fun/winnable fights there still are out there for Masvidal, but I guess he doesn't want to become the "Nate Diaz" of the division as others alluded to. 

Masvidal's rise to mainstream superstardom over the past few years is something I'll never forget, and his flying knee knockout over Ben Askren is STILL the craziest thing I've ever seen in real life. Much respect to a legend of the sport who gave us oodles of entertainment over the course of his career.