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Kevin Holland FACEPLANT KOs Santiago Ponzinibbio Right In Front Of Donald Trump, Mike Tyson, And Kid Rock

Kevin Holland just FACEPLANTED Santiago Ponzinibbio at UFC 287 just inches away from this wild foursome....

The UFC is in Miami for the first time in 20 years tonight, and the STARS ARE OUT - Mike Tyson, Kid Rock, Donald Trump, and Dana White are sitting side-by-side in the front row! 

Kevin Holland even started talking to Trump mid-fight (not sure what he said, I think he might've just given a double thumbs up) and practically jumped right into his lap after he scored the win!

Honestly, I'm a little surprised a secret service agent didn't tackle Holland there like the Dodger Stadium proposal guy last week….

He jumped that cage quick and got REAL close to 45 with no warning, you know what I'm sayin?! 

Thankfully, tho - nothing bad happened, and Holland got to call Masvidal out in his post-fight interview following their hotel lobby altercation this week….

As far as the fight goes, nothing was too surprising - Holland used his reach/speed advantage to gain the upper hand for the majority of the bout, while Ponzinibbio fired off leg kicks that seemed to really take a toll on Holland as things went on. 

Holland did some typical Holland shit, like asking Ponzinibbio if he smelled weed mid-round (Rogan and DC confirmed that they smelled it too) - and he landed this one footed backfist that only he could land!

Insane! Completely absurd. 

Honestly, I hope they put that Kevin Holland/Jorge Masvidal fight together regardless of what happens in the co-main event tonight. That's a scrap I'd love to see. There'd be so much mid-fight trash talk I think you could tell the commentary team to stay home for that one.


As I was writing this blog, Rob Font just knocked out Adrian Yanez in the very first round!! Well, it was a TKO, but that doesn't matter! Font just CRUSHED him.

It might not have lasted long, but that fight was a god damn WAR while it did last, and that is a gigantic comeback victory for Font. He just reminded everyone how good he is at his best and got a win for the New England Cartel in the process!

Alright, onto the co-main! That was quick!