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Joe Pyfer Has Been Fighting Since He Was 4 And A Half Years Old And It All Paid Off Tonight

Joe Pyfer just proved that he's been worth the hype with an easy win over a UFC veteran in Gerald Meerschaert, and then went on to give an all time post-fight speech afterwards!

How can you not get fired up after that?! Dude is on the high of his life, just scored a first round TKO in front of a sold-out Miami crowd, and let it ALLLL out in that cage....

From being homeless and his parents not giving a shit about him, to being a hero to thousands in that arena. Fighting is the best. There's truly nothing like it, with the stakes involved.

More than once during his epic post-fight speech, Pyfer said that he's been fighting since he was four and a half years old, and that he's got over twenty years of experience because of that, which absolutely cracked me up. 

I'm sure it's true (and he could probably whoop my current ass by the time he was eight or nine), but I loved the specifics of that statement. He didn't start fighting when he was four - he was four and a half. Also, could you imagine a mini Joe Pyfer on the playground? He was probably a god damn menace! He was probably taking his teacher's lunch money! He probably called the Principal to HIS office! 

Pyfer is the real deal, though - and if you're from Philly, you should be very excited about this prospect from your city!

P.S. UFC 287 is off to a great start, and these fights being in front of a sold-out crowd is amazing. 

EVERY FIGHT is made better because of it! Here's some highlights from the prelims….