Connor McDavid Is Now The Sixth Player In NHL History To Reach 150 Points In A Single Season And The Oilers Are DIALED IN

Goodness. Connor McDavid and the Oilers refuse to be anything but locked in as the Stanley Cup playoffs close in. Edmonton is piping-hot amid a seven-game winning streak as part of a 12-0-1 run to get right in the thick of the race for the Western Conference's No. 1 seed. McDavid continues to be a one-man power grid who lights the lamp seemingly at will.

After registering his 87th assist early in the first period of Saturday's game against the lowly Sharks, McDavid tallied his 63rd goal of the 2022-23 campaign with a nifty, stealthy move from behind the net.

...Then why the fuck not? Throw one more in there for good measure.

Again…opposing goalies are the IRL personification of those poor folks in the Southwest Airlines "Wanna get away?" commercials. This isn't a plug for Southwest. Haven't flown with them in a minute, no offense. Also though, I feel like we have enough blogs across the site about all the shenanigans and negative shit that goes on when people are in the tight confines of airplanes and seem to lose their damn minds for whatever reason. So there you go, airlines folks. A joke that isn't at your expense and doesn't poke fun at the latest spectacle of abrupt chaos.

OK back to McDavid. Not many guys move the needle for fringe hockey fans, but this dude flat-out does it. He's unreal. Although the NHL is starting to skew to higher scoring, it's nothing like it was back when the likes of Oilers GOAT Wayne Gretzky was putting up his series of 150+ point seasons. 

Speaking of which, as ridiculous as the stat I plugged about McDavid passing Patrick Kane (already) for three-point games, get a load of this, courtesy of QuantHockey:

Giphy Images.

I'm really not trying to take anything away from Connor McDavid. You talk about The Great One in debates that revolve around the question, "What's the most unbreakable record in all of sports?" To play to the Barstool crowd and Boston, you'd have to say Bill Russell's 11 NBA championships aren't gonna be touched, but almost equally out of reach is Gretzky lapping everyone in the NHL scoring record books.

It's actually a compliment that McDavid is anywhere near the realm of Gretzky, especially in this era of hockey. That bodes extremely well for an Oilers franchise who hasn't won Lord Stanley's Cup in over three decades. Shoutout to Mario Lemieux as well. Damn.

Somewhat of a tangential write-up about this situation, but you can only say "McDavid good at hockey" or some combination of those words so many times. I gotta save up some fresh ways to articulate his greatness for the postseason. Cut me some slack.

What a freaking race out West — and the East Wild Card race is awesome but I'm not gonna get too far afield here. 

Buckle up, y'all. The playoffs start one week from Monday, and McDavid and the Oilers are looking like a fucking juggernaut.

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