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Scary Situation As Three Trees Fall Down Near A Group Of Patrons By The 17th Tee At Augusta National

Damn... obviously hope everybody is alright there. 

It's been an expectedly weird afternoon with inclement weather delaying and re-starting the Tournament on and off late Friday. We're currently under another delay as thunderstorms have forced evacuation of the course but uhhh... I'd say they have a pretty big problem other than the weather on their hands.

 Apparently the tree fell right around the members' tees and not the Tournament tees, which probably helped to keep this from being worse than it potentially could have been... been still pretty startling to see something happen at a place that seems so infallible. Of course inclement weather happens everywhere, it's just wild to see it actually happen live on TV during tournament play.

Naturally, they'll probably have that thing sawed down and removed within the hour and a brand new 100 foot tall tree will be back in its place by tomorrow morning. But wow. Just wow.