Friday Fights: The Tkachuk Brothers Both Win A Fight During The Same Stoppage

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

The Tkachuk brothers are here to save hockey. In an era that is obsessed with circus act goals like The Michigan, the Tkachuk brothers are here to remind everybody what the game is all about. You play the game to win at any cost. If that means you have to fill up the back of the net, then you fill up the back of the net. If that means you need to cave somebody's skull in, then you cave somebody's skull in. You play the game with heart, with jam, and with the mentality of a goddamn deranged lunatic. Nobody in the game is better at combining those ingredients than the Tkachucks. 

Now before we get to the fights, this all started towards the beginning of the 2nd period when Matthew Tkachuk absolutely steamrolled Alex DeBrincat. The Rat vs The Cat. 

Panthers are still fighting for a spot in the playoffs. Senators were still fighting to keep their season alive. For all intents and purposes, last night was an elimination game. Hate to see DeBrincat get steamrolled like that, but that's just playoff hockey baby. 

Later in the period the Senators were clearly a little ass hurt about the situation. They're frustrated, one of their best players just got crushed, and their response is to…spray the goalie?

I mean when you look at the final shots on goal vs the final score of the game, you can kind of see why the Senators would be so pissed off at Alex Lyon. The Senators had FIFTY EIGHT shots on net last night. 58!!! And only scored twice. So I guess spraying Lyon was the only way they could really get to him. But chaos ensued, tensions were high, and the Tkachuk brothers had a nice little conversation at center ice after the dust settled. A few minutes later…

Brady runs into Lyon after the whistle. Matthew Tkachuk takes down Drake Batherson. Brady then gets up and proceeds to absolutely pummel the shit out of Marc Staal. Just some classic tomfoolery from brothers Tkachuk. 

Matthew gets 5 for fighting. Brady gets 5 for fighting, 2 for roughing, and an extra 10 minute game misconduct for being the 2nd fight of a stoppage. Matthew had already picked up 2 minutes for roughing after the dust up from the DeBrincat hit, and ended up getting tossed from the game later in the 3rd when DeBrincat tried to fight him. So both Tkachuk brothers ended the night with 17 penalty minutes. Unbelievable accomplishment from the boys. 34 total PIMs for the Tkachuk family last night. 

And with those 17 penalty minutes, Matthew Tkachuk has achieved one of the rarest feats in the game over the past 20 years. He becomes just the 3rd player in the 2000s to reach both 100+ points and 100+ penalty minutes in the same season. 76 games, 105 pts, and 109 PIMs. Big time beauty. 

Panthers win 7-2 to keep ahold of that top wild card spot in the East. The Ottawa Senators are now eliminated from playoff contention. What a hockey game.