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NL ROY Front Runner Corbin Carroll Getting Dropped Off By His Parents Before His First Home Game Is The Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen

Opening Day is kind of like a first day of school for these guys. Back to the grind, might as well keep some traditions going. That is why Corbin Carroll, my pick to win the NL ROY award, getting dropped off by his parents at the ballpark before the Diamondbacks' home opener is the cutest thing I've ever seen. We saw the family connection with Grayson Rodriguez and his family this week, this is just as good. You may have just signed a 8-year, $111 million contract extension, but mom and dad can still drop you off. I get that the home opener is crowded, maybe parking was going to be tough and Carroll didn't want to try and find a space. But seriously, I think is is cool. Why not let your parents drop you off at work one last time, least they can do for you signing that massive extension. Cool stuff. Kid is going to be a stud for a long time, def a guy to pay attention to during some late night west coast ball. Sick hair too.