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World's Worst Human Did A Groundbreaking Report Tattle Tailing On People Who Don't Pay To Ride The Subway


Jesus fucking Christ that is embarrassing! I cannot believe a real life adult pitched this idea, shot it, edited it, watched it over, and thought "yep, this is awesome, people will like and respect this!". I've never seen a bigger narc in my life and I'm glad the people she stopped told her to fuck off. 

You know the best thing about New York City? Everyone minds their own damn business. See someone doing something they shouldn't do? Walk the other way. What do I care if someone doesn't pay for the Subway? Maybe they can't afford it, or maybe they just simply don't want to, it's no skin off my dick. If that door is open and there's no cops around, who doesn't appreciate a good discounted ride? 

Gotta give it up one more time for this lady who had allll the smoke. Honest to goodness, how does the reporter put this in her segment and think she nailed it?



And this hero. Robin Hood.



I'm not saying don't pay. I don't condone breaking the law!!! But what I am saying is don't be a fucking narc. Mind ya business. Go about your day, live your life, lord knows you aren't an angel. Everyone knows you drop a few pieces of candy into your hand when you're shoveling it into the bag at the candy shop. Heavens knows you wait until you're on the clock to take that morning dump. So live your own life. And this reporter, gahhhhh. Get a grip lady.