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The NBA Basically Told Mark Cuban And The Mavs To Stop Crying And Officially Denied Their Protest After Losing To The Warriors

Tim Heitman. Getty Images.

You may remember a few weeks ago we witnessed one of the more bizarre sequences in NBA history in a game between the Mavs and Warriors. To this day I don't think I've seen anything like it

In real time, it was hard to understand what happened. As expected, Mark Cuban lost his shit

and as a result, the Mavs decided to protest that narrow 2 point loss despite ya know, having an entire 4th quarter to play after that sequence. At the time, once everyone actually saw what happened and had time to digest it, I can't imagine anyone thought the NBA would overturn the result and accept the protest.

Today, we finally got a verdict

Essentially, they told Cuban to stop his crying and move on. I mean talk about a mic drop statement. Not only did the league remind the Mavs that they had a 4th quarter lead, they also called out Cuban's tweets, letting the world know that in the actual protest submission, the Mavs admitted the refs did not do what Cuban accused them of. That's tough.

You could say the hits just keep on coming for the Mavs, although they did have a fun win last night against the Kings! They are hanging onto a potential 10 seed by a thread, and if OKC beats UTA tonight, it will then be on life support. If that happens, the Mavs need to go 2-0 assuming the Thunder go 1-1. If OKC goes 2-0, it doesn't matter what the Mavs do.

Add in the drama surrounding Kyrie's free agency, Christian Wood's free agency, the team still committing to Jason Kidd and having a bit of a flawed roster, and this news of a denied protest feels a little like piling on. Part of me wishes they accepted the protest just for the chaos it would cause, even though everyone knew there were really no grounds for it. 

David Stern probably lets it happen just because he loves chaos and drama and ratings. Way to drop the ball Adam Silver, be a heel for me one time!