"Cheater Hits a Home Run on a Rehab Assignment During a Steroid Suspension" - A Minor League Pitcher Responded In Kind After Serving Up a Bomb To Fernando Tatis Jr. Last Night

Kade McClure got a prime opportunity to strike out Fernando Tatis Jr. last night. Now you have to imagine a few years ago when told this Kade would be ecstatic because this meant he finally made the show. Unfortunately for him the scenario presented itself while Tatis was making a rehab appearance as he ramps up for his big league return in a few weeks. Even more unfortunate for Kade, a strikeout did not occur. No, instead a batting practice fastball was served up on a platter to the former MVP candidate and was promptly annihilated.  

After the game Kade decided to get in the mix a little and ruffle some feathers after a San Diego sports anchor mentioned him by name. 

Was that more trolling or being actually salty? Tough to tell, but if you get called out like that you gotta respond and have some fun. I'm sure he didn't think it'd cause that much of a stir, but here we are. 

Fun fact about McClure, he's the original author of the famous Mitch Trubisky "I love to kiss titties" tweet. 

For that reason I'm gonna say he wasn't actually salty about the homer and was just looking to get under some fans' skin. If that's the case he got the response he was looking for from San Diego nation. Just click that tweet and look at the responses. 

LOT of people worked up. If a career minor league pitcher is getting to you like that just wait til Fernando gets back to the bigs later this month and gets vilified by fanbases from all over. I'm excited for Fernando to get back into that lineup and the fan reaction that comes with it. Those games in LA should be great. Padres fans better be ready for war because Kade McClure was just the first ripple in a tsunami of Tatis hate that's coming. 

Update as I'm publishing this: Fernando's mom has responded!