LeBron Blames Continues To Be The Biggest Baby In Sports With His Whining About Playing Back-to-Back Road Games (They Played At THE CLIPPERS)

Someone get the tissue box. Bron Sr is crying again.

And I know I’m beating a dead horse and preaching to the choir with this being the one millionth blog like this on the site, but it cannot be stated enough how much this guy SUCKS. How did the scientists that created him in a laboratory forget to give him a BRAIN? So little lack of awareness that it’s painful. And this specific comment about last night has me #triggered.

There’s so many things I’m annoyed with here, but let’s start with the most important: imagine complaining about having to work TWO days in a row. This takes me back to the “you still have to wake up tomorrow and live your life while I get to be rich and famous and do whatever I want, you poors” comment he made after losing in the finals with the handpicked dream team he assembled. Yes, he’s completely right. But literally no one, especially the fans that decide that watching you play basketball is entertaining enough to make you a billionaire, wants to hear that. 

Am I crazy or is playing two basketball games in two nights not the worst thing to ever happen to the human race? I know I’m being an old man yelling at the clouds here, but these kids go from play 4 games a day, 12 games a weekend to all of a sudden not being able to play twice in FORTY EIGHT HOURS. I don’t know how the common workers of this great country do it, but somehow, they work 8 hours a day, 5 days in a row every single week. Could you imagine telling your boss you can't do a back-to-back?

Toss in the fact that he’s choosing to whine about this after a Utah to LOS ANGELES back to back “road trip” just pours jet fuel on my steel beams. That has to be one of the shortest plane rides in the league, and the second game was against the Clippers. Like, Bron slept in his own bed last night but because the logo at center court didn’t say Lakers, it’s woe is me for LeExcuse. Buddy is acting like he just hopped off a Boston to Portland flight and had to trot out onto the court.

**It also must be noted that the Jazz were uh, not necessarily at full strength on Wednesday night either.

Best player sits out and Kessler in concussion protocol? Basically begging the 10 pt favorite Lakers to be able to rest LeBron and AD. Unfortunately it took overtime to beat them by 2. But that’s just “one of those scheduling conflicts” isn’t it King?

Complaining over two games in two nights with the back end in Los Angeles. I’ve seen it all. Kobe Bryant would never.

Stephen Dunn. Getty Images.