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There Is Not A Lot of Faith in Me Running a Sub 60 Minute 10k

We are only 3 days out from the 10k race day and it is crunch time. I posted this poll earlier today to gauge how much faith there is in me to beat the 60 minutes.

Not surprisingly, there is not a whole lot. 


76% of people have voted against me finishing in time. I am keeping receipts and will remember this! 

I ran 2 miles yesterday for one of my final tune ups on a very humid NOLA morning in Audubon Park. 

I was able to keep a solid pace of under 9:20 on both miles. I need to average 9:40 in the race to run under 60 minutes. The key to winning the bet is running sub 9:30 the first 3 miles to give myself some lee way down the stretch. 

I am catching some criticism for not running longer distances in my training but I have the utmost faith in my ability to jog long distance. The key issue is getting the pace right.

We have an interesting weather report ahead for Saturday to put it mildly…..

As long as there is a race, I will be running hard in it. No excuses here about the rain. And on the glass half full note, a high of 74 means the humidity will not be too bad which is more of a concern anyway.

Let's be honest. Some wild running in the rain content in NOLA will prolly be pretty dang fun too!

I still feel good about Big Cat and Todd Graves donating $10,000 to Hogs For The Cause after Saturday. Let's just say the doubters have poured a bunch of gasoline on the fire.