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IT HAPPENED! For The First Time This Season LeBron Appeared On The Los Angeles Lakers Twitter Loser Graphic

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

Don't smile because it's over. Laugh because it happened. For the first time in at least two NBA seasons, LeBron James has been included in the Los Angeles Lakers Twitter losing final score graphic after the Clippers beat the Lakers 125-118. American hero Kenney Beecham first brought this to light a year ago so I decided at the beginning of this season to make a thread to track every Lakers Twitter graphic. This included a leaderboard for how many times each player appeared throughout the season. Some games had so many players I just went with "team minus Bron". These were my personal favorites because that takes effort to get in position to take the correct shot. 

Here's the final loser graphic appearance scoreboard below from a few nights ago with the official winner. 

I predicted from the start of the season that Westbrook was going to take this home and he came through for me despite being traded months back. To be honest, I'm surprised he didn't get included in the shot last night to get one more notch on the board. 

This was a pretty big loss for the Lakers who are jockeying for an actual playoff spot with the Clippers. That begs the question… why now? Why do this to him in one of his 23 most important games of his career? I mean LeBron balled out with 33-8-7, so this game wasn't on him. My theory is the social media intern quickly saw that Los Angeles won without reading which Los Angeles and figured it was full send on LeBron. A very relatable mistake. Yet I think we all know, a soon to be very costly one when they login to work in the morning.