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Cam Newton Humbly Says There are not 32 Better QBs in the NFL But Made A List Of QBs He Would Be Willing To Backup

This is the most middle-of-the-road way to be humble enough not to be a threat to a starter and try to be a backup, but also still maintain the integrity that you are QB1. You see, backup QBs and journeymen who keep getting NFL contracts for many years are not necessarily good at playing QB, but they are the best consultants on playing QB. They need to be a good guy to sit in the QB room and help facilitate the starter to play well. You don't want a guy that you feel is trying to take your job and make your starter lose confidence that you are the "Guy". It's funny that Cam Newton only chose players who were alumni of his 7on7 camp because it just shows that the only way they could be better than me is if they had indirectly been advantaged by MY greatness. Cam Newton gives of big Lebron vibes, but he's not anywhere close to Lebron's success. He should of just given an honest list of who's better than him rather than some of these weird combos that probably are sorta connected to him... Like, does he think Deshaun Watson is going to be benched due to a legal issue, so he wants to back him up? 

I can just imagine his agent trying to get him another contract or transition into a backup role, and Cam Newton is like, "I can only backup guys that are good but not way better than me that it's debatable I'm better."

That whole list besides Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers are dudes that he could possibly start over.