No Offense To Augusta National, But The Best Pimento Cheese Sandwiches Have Brisket On Them

Earlier today Reags blogged about ejaculating into his pants after eating his first pimento cheese sandwich at Augusta. Now I'm not here to kink shame anybody. Who am I to stop another man from getting his nut off? If you want to blast off real quick then, by all means brother, fire away. What I will say, however, is that eventually with all kinks you have to start exploring it further and further. Eventually the same old thing just isn't going to get the job done anymore. It's not going to scratch that same itch. 

So if a basic ass pimento cheese sandwich from Augusta National made Reags bust into his Kentucky basketball shorts before, I can only imagine the mess he'll make when he tries a pimento cheese sandwich with brisket. Otherwise known as the "Bubba Cole" at Blake's BBQ in Martin, TN. 


Obviously the thing that makes the pimento cheese sandwich at Augusta so special is the simplicity. You've got pimento cheese spread between a couple slices of white bread and that's it. No frills. No nothing. Just an easy going sandwich to accompany you while you watch some of the best golf you'll ever see. 

But just because there is beauty in the simplicity doesn't mean there can't be some kick ass in the extreme as well. I mean we all love a nice high draw, but nothing gets the people going quite like a low flying stinger. Adding brisket and a slice of smoked turkey to your pimento cheese and sandwiching it between a deliciously soft brioche bun is the Driver Off The Deck of sandwiches. It might not be totally necessary, it may be jarring to even consider, but holy shit is it incredible when it's pulled off effectively. 

If the brioche isn't your thing, you can get it on some crunchy Texas toast. 

Listen, is it the same pimento cheese sandwich on white bread you can get for a dollar fifty at Augusta and made Reags nut himself? Not exactly. It's just way better. 


I'll leave golf course design and management to Augusta National. But when it comes to sandwiches, I think I can weigh in here as an expert. And as an expert, I have to give the advantage to the Bubba Cole over at Blake's BBQ.