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Liam Hendriks Is Done With Chemotherapy!!!

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Got to this office this morning and was smacked in the face with unexpected, yet totally expected news: Eloy Jimenez was placed on the 10 day IL with a tweaked hammy: 

I had a few friends who said they saw the news and started laughing. I get it; it's a joke at this point. I am still immediately enraged at when news like this drops, but one day I'll become cathartic about that organization. I hope. Probably not…

…I just don't understand how a guy that 1. plays baseball and 2. has access to all of the doctors/trainers/strength coaches/etc. on earth continually tweaks muscles like Eloy does. 

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I truly don't get it. It doesn't compute in my brain. I'd love to bitch and moan about the White Sox fucking something up here, but Eloy is just injury prone. Plain and simple. Dude is just can't stay healthy. Nothing we can do but pray we get 100 or so games out of him where he drops dick on the ball year over year. 

But… hope in one hand, shit in the other. See which fills up first. 

We do have some great news today, however. Liam Hendriks just announced he's cancer free: 

This is obviously a huge weight off his back, for both him and his family. Couldn't be happier for the dude, as he's as good a guy as there is, by all accounts. Sucks that he had to fight this battle and everyone hope he's done with it for good. 

NOW - While we were in Arizona a couple weekends back - there were whispers in hushed circles that Hendriks never stopped his baseball workouts during chemo. That SHOCKED me, as I, like most Sox fans, assumed he'd focus on his health for the 2023 season. Nobody would have batted an eye if he chose that path. 

Dude is a goddamn ANIMAL though, as it looks like that's not the case. The few players we interviewed last week all said he was working out as if he weren't battling that god foresaken illness, which is crazy, but not shocking if you've followed Hendriks at all throughout the course of his career. 

Should he be back in mid-May or just after, adding him and Crochet to the back end of the pen gives the Sox arms on arms on arms. Sure the pen has been pretty fucking awful thus far, but the arms are too good for the shitshow that was their first 5 games to continue. 

This is the White Sox we're talking about though, sooooo…. we'll see. I'm sicking about talking about talent that should be producing a lot of wins. They're loooooooong overdue on that payment.