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Not Leaving: Bill Self Shut Down All The Rumors Going Around That He Was Suddenly Retiring

A couple days ago Kansas announced they'd be live streaming a Bill Self press conference. Remember, Self didn't  coach the Big 12 or NCAA Tournaments because of a health issue. Naturally the rumors started that he was going to retire. Our Mark Titus addressed that here: 

We've seen Jay Wright suddenly retire. We saw K do a year long retirement tour. We saw Roy Williams retire out of the blue. We saw Jim Boeheim hang on for about a decade too long before retiring at the ACC Tournament in his beloved Greensboro. So it wasn't crazy to think that Self would retire.

But he shut that down fast. He spent no time to announce that he's going to be 100% and going to coach. Frankly, good. Bill Self is one of the faces of college basketball. It's a weird thing with the sport - really all college sports - we view teams based on coaches. You don't necessarily think of a player right away. Self has been at KU forever, has won a ton and it would just feel weird for him to retire after a health scare. 

So there it is. Self ain't going anywhere.