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Will "Casual Compton Couldn't Be More Wrong About College Basketball

I respect Will a lot. We both have veneers and we look a lot better than we ever did. We both used to love chewing rocks and now we have absolute beauties in our mouths. I understand his take because I don't root for a team in College Football, call their product bad and say that nobody cares, but obviously people care. 

I also respect when people don't watch a sport and have a take on it because I do that all the time. It is awesome to see people get riled up like this. People say it's a bad product, but then you have people tuning out the NBA despite having better players. The women's college basketball national championship this year was more watched than any NBA Finals game last year. I think it is a lazy take. This year was just lacking stars, that's all it really is. 

Everyone is just jealous of college basketball because it has the best postseason and College Football has one of the worst playoff systems. Even when they expand to 12 it'll still be shit. I know the college basketball product and sport is better. Just because you don't watch a sport all season doesn't mean you can sum it up after watching for two weeks. Again I love not fact checking when you do arguments because that exactly what I do. I mean Will said FAU struggled all year and they lost 3 games this season. That's why arguing about sports is awesome because you spew what you believe. The chaotic-ness of college basketball is the best part. Just because the 19 year olds mess up a lot doesn't make it bad, it's entertaining. Only someone like Will "Casual" Compton could hate that.