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VIDEO: Bam Margera Just Challenged Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine To A Bareknuckle Boxing Match

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I'm 34 years old. Old as FUCK now, and it grosses me out. There are only a few handful of constants that have been with me throughout those 34 mediocre years, and one of them is Jackass. The TV show + spinoffs, the movies, the characters in THPS on N64, etc. all have been with me the majority of my life, and I'm sure that's how it is for many people reading this. 

We lived vicariously through those lunatics. We tried to pull off some of their idiotic stunts while giving a big ass middle finger to the "WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE STUNTS" message at the beginning of every TV show and movie and as time passed, we watched that psychotic crew go through ups, downs, and REALLY downs in their personal lives. Truthfully, they didn't handle fame too well. 

Steve-o, the craziest motherfucker of them all, has done well in recent years, and Pat has been good for keeping us up to speed on that. GOOD FOR STEVE-O. That dude went from a drug addicted clown show we all laughed at for cheap thrills years ago to facing his demons head on and proving to the world what a good dude he is at his core while still pumping out content we enjoy. Quite the flip.

And he's really gone out of his way to try and help Bam in recent years, a friend he truly loves and cares for. Let's rewind it to about 8 months back. Steve-o and Bam sat down to shoot the shit on this video:

After inviting Bam on his tour in recent months, shit has again gone south for Bam. Dude just ain't in a good spot at all and it's gotten to the point where he's trying to fist fight both Knoxville and Jackass' creator Jeff Tremaine.


I'd make a cheap joke about how they should Rough n Rowdy right here but I'd feel dirty making light of this situation considering how bad Bam's state of mind is. Steve-o even said it himself a few months back in a response to Bam in an IG post: 

Shit sucks and it sucks even more as these guys are extremely public figures. It's gotta be hard to fight addiction and mental health issues when you have million of dickheads like TMZ (and me) following your every move. 

Everyone's got someone in their life who's battled issues like this. Maybe it's a sibling or maybe it's a friend of a friend and it might not be to the extent Bam is. But it's never fun watching a death spiral unfold and I gotta imagine it's even worse for famous people like Bam with all the pressure of the world on their shoulders. Really hope he realizes he's inevitably gonna lose his son for good and that that gives him enough motivation to figure his shit out. People want to watch him do dumb shit on camera with the fellas. Not slowly walk the plank that is being a drug addicted asshole who shows zero accountability for his actions.