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Counterpoint: You're Nothing But A Front-Running, Killjoy Dork If You're Actively Cheering For The Lakers

Alright I saw this blog by Matty Fitz and was stopped dead in my tracks. A killjoy or ignoramus to root against LeBron and the Lakers? No way that was accurate. I thought maybe he was trolling with the headline or somehow was a diehard Lakers fan. Nope. Fitz is a Cavs fan and saying this! 

He asks who else is there to root for in the Western Conference? 

Answer: Literally anyone else. 

You also cheer for Duke in the NCAA Tournament? You cheer for the Cowboys to actually win a playoff game? The Yankees to get their pinstripes? Pretty simple to cheer for anyone else. The Kings got royally fucked by the refs against the Lakers in their prime. The Nuggets actually have a ton of fans and Jokic is awesome to watch. Also just a hilarious dude. I like Chris Paul, so yeah, count me in on the Suns. I like Kawhi and Steve Ballmer celebrating would be pageviews for days, count me in on the Clippers. That leaves the Grizzlies and Lakers in the top-6 of the West. 

Here's the argument Matt makes to cheer for the Lakers: 

If you're a casual NBA fan or a basketball purist and you root for any of the above teams over LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the ragtag, red-hot band of Los Angeles Lakers currently taking the NBA by storm, I don't know what to tell you. You either don't appreciate the history of the sport, you hate LeBron for literally no reason, or you're, as the headline underscores, ignorant.

Uhh what? I have to cheer for the Lakers because I'm a basketball purist? Because Anthony Davis forced his way out of the Pelicans? Because LeBron is there? Look, no one is doubting who LeBron is as a player. Everyone knows he's historically great. But there are plenty reasons to hate the LOS ANGELES LAKERS. They aren't some plucky underdog. They bitch and moan. They only have 'ragtag' players because LeBron wanted to play GM and bring all his friends with him to LA. 

You're not a killjoy to cheer against the Lakers. You're a normal basketball fan. You don't ring chase. You don't pick the most popular teams. Congrats on that OT win over the Jazz, who Danny Ainge is drastically trying to have tank.