Jeffree Star Talks His 'Measly' Collection of 25 Cars

Watch the full interview on YouTube here:

"I went from a 1991 Nissan Sentra with like 20 dents to a BMW i8."

Jeffree Star, ICYMI, is a YouTuber and makeup artist with his own line of cosmetics and skincare who came on our podcast today. He built up a fanbase during the early days of MySpace, using it like a blog, which eventually turned into reviewing makeup on YouTube and after that creating his own brand.

"The first thing I did when I made, I call it 'real money', was I changed my teeth completely. Every tooth in my head is fake."

After that Jeffree goes on to say the BMW i8 purchase made him spiral and collects cars now. He keeps about half of his 25-car fleet in LA and half in Wyoming, where he currently owns a ranch complete with a custom bright pink skid steer. 

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