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Pitch Clock Or Just Really Good? Sandy Alcántara Threw A Complete Game Shutout In An Hour And 57 Minutes

Sandy doing Sandy things? Or the pitch clock just working well? It's Sandy doing Sandy things. Last year's Cy Young winner got his first win of the season in a game that took only 1:57. We're now working with less than 2 hour games! It does help that it was a complete game shutout. 3 hits, 1 walk, and 5 Ks with only 100 pitches right on the nose. That is how you work quick. Chances are the time of this game would have been just a little over 2 hours if there was no pitch clock, but the combo of the clock with Sandy working like a madman, this game flew by. Games in under 2 hours is crazy, that's less than most movies! That is like 4 episodes of The Office! Again, this won't be the norm but when you have the best pitcher in baseball you can get some quickies. As we've said before, we don't want 2 hour games, we don't want sub 2 hour games. Sometimes is okay, but I don't want this to be the norm. But you do have to acknowledge that it's incredible you can now complete a MLB game in under 2 hours. Just ridiculous.