The Saudis Are Trying To Recreate A Ronaldo/Messi Rivalry With Al-Hilal Offering Messi A Preposterous $438 MILLION PER YEAR Salary

Let me cut right to the point here. No. Fuck no. Messi can't accept this offer even if it's roughly $438 million per year. That number is a made up number, I'm convinced of that. There's no way someone has that much money laying around. It just sounds fake, like the year 2032. Another fake thing that's not too far away. 

Anyways, I went on and on about how much of a little bitch Ronaldo is for going to Saudi Arabia. I can't have Messi do it. I don't care if the Saudis are trying to recreate the rivalry. Can't have it. The rivalry is dead. Messi won. He won by winning the World Cup. He won by not going to Saudi Arabia. Can't go back on it now, Messi. Just stay in Europe like you say or come to the MLS, preferably FC Cincinnati. We can take down the Crew and hang out at bars all across this wonderful city. 

I don't even blame Messi for leaving PSG. He's out here getting booed: 

Plus the number 30 just sucks for soccer. I know he has history with it, but he needs a better number. That man should be number 10 no matter what. If not, go single digits. 30 is a gross looking soccer number. That's a number for a bruising running back and that's something nobody compares Messi to. 

All that said, it's fucking hilarious the Saudis are offering Messi double the money of Ronaldo. I love that it's public just so it digs at Ronaldo even more. Need Messi to turn it down now though. Spit in the face of $438 million like you don't need it.