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Hate To See It: Luka Doncic Is Basically Crying About How Much He Misses Jalen Brunson Because The Mavs Are Such A Shit Show

Aww, you hate to see it. Nothing like a good old disaster to remind you that the Knicks - yes, the New York Knicks, the team everyone loves to shit on - made a good decision. Every night we're reminded of that because Jalen Brunson is awesome. The contract looks better and better each passing game.

Meanwhile, the Mavs are a shit show. Then again, not surprising when you bring in Kyrie thinking that'll make it work. In fact let's do a quick check on the Mavs: 

Ah shucks. Meanwhile the Knicks have that little x next to their name because of the playoffs. The Mavericks could have signed Jalen Brunson. It's not like it's a crazy statement to say that. But now he's one of ours and every day it's a reminder how much better off the Knicks are. 

Seriously though, have fun with Kyrie and Luka and whether or not they are playing the rest of the year. Hate to see Luka so upset. I'd be too though if I had to watch Jalen owning New York and being best friends with Josh Hart still.