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American Boasts About Stealing 50k From Drug Cartel, Subsequently Kidnapped And Hasn't Been Seen In Nearly Two Weeks

Recently we've seen a lot of Americans either getting involved in the drug trade or without knowing entering into Mexico with little clue about how dangerous it is. It was just under a month ago when 4 Americans unwittingly traveled into Mexico for a surgery and were kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel, two died and two survived. We would see the Gulf Cartel do damage control by giving up multiple members they say were responsible 

Now in the Laredo kidnapping, It's unclear what Tadeo Ramirez's history is with this group, but probably best not to brag about stealing money from them. He also mentioned that he wasn't supposedly worried because he was in America and no one could get to him, subsequently they got to him him just minutes later and he hasn't been seen in nearly two weeks. The FBI would arrest one person involved in the kidnapping but no one has ID'd where Tadeo Ramirez is at this point and it's doubtful anyone will. 

Cartel Del Noreste is a group that popped up during the mid 2010's as an offshoot faction of Los Zetas. In the late 90's when The Gulf Cartel engineered the thought of a paramilitary type wing that acts as security. Los Zetas were created by the leader of the Gulf Cartel, Osiel Cardenas. Cardenas was attempting to find protection so he went to soldiers in the Mexican military and offered them more money than they were making in the armed forces, so they jumped ship and began acting as soldiers for his cartel. He was finding and pinpointing the most effective soldiers and turning them into killing machines to keep territory and protect the cartel. Eventually Cardenas would be arrested and extradited to America and Los Zetas became more and more powerful to the point where they splintered and began a vicious war against the Gulf Cartel. 

By the early 2010's, the Zetas were led by Miguel Trevino Morales and had completely taken over multiple border towns and regions and were doing it by any means necessary. I am not going to get into the sheer depravity that Trevino was known for, but in my opinion he is the most ruthless person I have ever looked into. He is responsible personally for THOUSANDS of deaths and ruled with an iron fist. Ultimately for Trevino he would be arrested in 2013, and the Zetas would go through multiple power grabs eventually disbanding and smaller factions popped up.  Today, Cartel Del Noreste is said to have most of the territory in and around the border including "owning" Nuevo Laredo. According to leaked documents that were gathered during a leak where hackers were able to uncover over 4000 emails and documents containing information regarding drug cartels stated that CDN is now controlling lucrative parts the border in Tamaulipas and Nuevo León. They have also managed to extend their control to Coahuila, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, Tabasco, and even Morelos. The leak would state that much of the violence in certain states like Veracruz is due to the fact that multiple people in government support CDN. Up until March of 2022, they were run by Juan Gerardo Treviño aka El Huevo, nephew of Miguel Trevino. El Huevo has since been arrested and the group continue to be led by a rudderless hierarchy. They still battle and own these cities and the military and law enforcement has been unsuccessful in stopping them. They also continue to wage war on The Gulf Cartel.

They are not a group to mess with though and still own very profitable swaths of the border. We all know the level of ruthlessness that these groups have and if you are mixing it up with them, it's best to not steal from them. It's been nearly two weeks since Tadeo-Ramirez went missing and it's unlikely he ever comes back to tell his story.