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1000lb Sisters Superfat Tammy Stanton Got Married In A Beautiful Ceremony At Her Nursing Home

Last week I told you that I am addicted to these shows about the Super Fats. They give me life and are a great way to wind down at the end of the night. Usually, I laugh about Amy ripping a fart or Simple Michael cutting up a peach and setting the slices on his thigh instead of getting a plate. Just cutting those juicy fuckers up and getting his leg all sticky which is why Simple Michael is the best. He's just going through the emotions of life while enjoying a delicious peach. He's a peach too. 

Every time I talk about this stuff on here I cant be doing blog-based introductions. You either know the sisters or you dont. If you dont know them by now, you dont deserve to know them. I take that back. Everyone needs to enjoy the Slaton sisters. 

Anyway, they are usually good for some strong laughs. Amy rips farts. Michael and his peaches. Chris with his belly skin hanging to the floor. It's all good but it usually isn't a tear-jerker. 

Last night was a different story though. Last night was a love story between two bigguns that equaled 1500 lbs of love. Both are wheelchair-bound. Both can't live on their own. Both have a love for each other that cant be unbound by any man, woman, or child. It's a love so strong that Ronnie Coleman is like holy shit. That is strong. And I think Ronnie Coleman knows a thing or two about being strong. Dont believe me? Look at this ass. 

Giphy Images.

God damn, Ronnie! You shit with that ass? Lord-a-mercy!

You wanna see the purest form of love?

Love can be described as a strong feeling of affection, attachment, unquenchable horniness, or connection towards someone or something like genitals or brains. It can involve feelings of warmth, tenderness, caring, orgasms, and devotion, as well as a desire for intimacy, companionship, joint masturbation, and support. Love can be experienced in many different ways, including romantic love, familial love, platonic love, anal, and self-love. It is often characterized by actions such as kindness, compassion, french kisses (tongue involved), and sacrifice. The primary function of love is that it can bring a deeper meaning to our lives while also helping us cum. I love love and I love to cum. Make no mistake about that. I love to cum and anyone who is saying otherwise doesn't know shit about me or the bible. 

The looks in their eyes show that all those things in the paragraph above are true. These people are folks that have romantic love, self-love for the first time in their lives, and companionship while demonstrating understanding and empathy for the struggles each has like, for instance, holding your fupa up while going over bumps. Amy had to while in the van and now Tammy will have to in the van of life. Marriage, like weight loss, isn't easy.

Back to the wedding, the tears from Caleb caused mine to stir as well. I wasn't sure if he was ready for this type of commitment but when he was saddened by the fact that the biggest pants I've ever seen couldn't get over his knees, I saw true love. When I saw him trying to squeeze into a shirt so tight that a button mishap could shatter that glass that's in front of the president when he gives slow speeches that are barely English at this point. He wanted to look good for Tammy. He wanted to look sexy. He wanted to fuck so bad that I'm pretty sure there was a finger-banging reference which are very underrated and underused. 

To go from this type of person to a blushing bride is no small feat. 

I have a feeling that Tammy and Caleb will continue to grow and that their love will get stronger than we can possibly imagine. 1000lb sisters have 2000lbs of heart (realistically their hearts are probably 50-60lbs). 

I did have one complaint though and I hate to even type it. Amy was too attention-seeking at the wedding. She just was, man. I HATE saying this because I love Amy. She's going through some real shit. Amy and Simple Michael are on rough ground while this was filming. She just had a baby and is getting very little. Im sure she's exhausted and just needs a break. Hell, we all do. That being said, we still need to keep her accountable for her actions. 

She stood up at the reception table and began to give a speech. It was expected, after all, she was the matron of honor. But, she said the day was about her and Tammy. Not Tammy and Caleb or even just Tammy. It was about them and their weight loss. Immediately after that statement, Amy announced she farted. When I heard that, I took a deep breath in and it was too much. It's still too much. That's why I didnt say anything about it until the end of the blog. Like the fart, getting it all out there felt good, like the fart. 

Glad we got to talk about that because it's been weighing on me since last night. It's too big of a burden to carry by yourself. No man can carry 1000lb Sister by themselves. 

Have a beautiful rest or your day. You deserve it. Good work, everybody.