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Danny Hurley Called His Shot 3 Years Ago And After All The Mayhem, UConn Proved They Were The Best Team In The Country

I don't know what else there is to say about this UConn team that I haven't blogged already. They looked the part of the best team in the country for the first two months of the season and then again the last 3 weeks of the season. That's all that matters. It's who looks best for 6 games in March and early April. 

I blogged it earlier about how weird UConn's 25-year run is. 

You can't argue blue blood status. 5 titles puts you there. Even with the weird up and down seasons. Banners are what matters. This UConn team had it all. They have the ultimate playmaker in Andre Jackson. They have the star big in Adama Sanogo. They had Jordan Hawkins who is going to be a 1st round pick, maybe even in the lottery. Shit, he's the guy who hit the shot to really put the dagger in SDSU.

This is what UConn did during this run though. They answered every single run. Most of the time, they just blew a team out in the first 5 minutes of the second half. But they did it to Miami and they did it tonight. Every time Miami/SDSU cut the lead and made it a game, they immediately answered with their own run. Today it was SDSU cutting it to 5 before Hawkins hit that three. That led a 9-0 run that sealed the game. Sure, part of it could be SDSU running shit offense, but UConn had Hawkins and Newton seal it. 

Again, UConn being a 4 seed was never the problem. You seed based on resume. They had those losses in the Big East. But the talent was there. They figured it out. They hardly trailed this Tournament. They had the 2nd largest combined margin of victory just behind the 96 Kentucky team. They were dominant for six games. No other way to put it. Can't spin it any other way. Can't say it any other way. 

Go crazy Storrs.