HBO Is Working On A Harry Potter Series Covering All Seven Books And Its Either Going To Blow My Socks Off Or Piss Me Off

Bloomberg - Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. is close to a deal for a new online TV series based on Harry Potter, the best-selling young adult books, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.

Each season of the series will be based on one of JK Rowling’s seven books, said the people, who asked not to be identified since the deal hasn’t been announced, suggesting years of fresh fare from the popular stories.


Alright. There have been rumors about some kind of TV/web series reboot of Harry Potter, that would end up going much more in depth when it comes to the story in the books...forever. HBO has done a lot with Harry Potter and the whole Potter Universe, hosting not only the 20 year reunion special in 2022, but also the Tournament of Houses game show hosted by HELEN MIRREN. They also (up until recently) were the only platform to hold the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts movies. It sounds like with a series like this, they're ready to marry themselves with Warner Bros on any and all things Potter. 

I have a lot of feelings about this. You all know that the books are what keep me waking up in the morning...literally, I play the books on repeat with the Audible App (Jim Dale Gang stand up) during every free moment I have. If I'm not watching TV, I'm listening to Harry Potter. I've had sleepovers where I've had to ask if it was okay to put on, because I can't sleep (sober) without it playing. I bought an eye mask with built in bluetooth that I bring on trips where I'm going to share a room with multiple people. It is my greatest and most effective world to disassociate within. Does this make me worry about a new series potentially ruining the finely-tuned projections I've etched into my brain? No.

I'm choosing to be positive. HBO usually does a great job (I think we can all agree Game Of Thrones kicked ass) and I'm so deep in my fandom that nothing could change the perceptions I've created, they can only show them to me from a new lens. The more Harry Potter content, the better! I hate being the bitch that's like, "It's SO INSANE that they didn't put XYZ in the movies," but with Harry Potter there are SO many massive misses that made the story so much more fun to enjoy. Here is our chance to rectify those mistakes. I feel like this is the MINIMUM amount of details that must be included this time around, no exceptions:


- The entire House Elf subplot (including scenes in the kitchens) #JUSTICEFORWINKY


-  Harry winning the Quidditch Cup (INSANE)

- Percy Weasley betraying his entire family AND working at the Ministry of Magic


- Harry being BANNED from Quidditch by Umbridge 

- Fred & George's swamp

- Harry's DATE with Cho Chang

- Dumbledore's meeting with the Dursleys

- Harry and Ginny's entire relationship (they literally "spend hours on the grounds alone"[fuck] in the books)


Obviously there are 40 billion other things I hope to see in this series, and I pray they have like, an episode for each chapter. If we're going to do it, lets DO IT RIGHT. I won't even be upset about the actors looking different, as long as they look how they are described in the books. It's going to be hard to find another Harry Potter that looks so much like Harry Potter, but I have faith.