It is With a Heavy Heart I Inform You That Finland's Certified Rocket Prime Minister Has Been Voted Out of Office

It is rare, if not unheard of, for an elected official to burst onto the scene and establish themselves as a towering geopolitical force of nature the way Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin did. This 36 year old wunderkind wasted no time establishing that she had the gravitas of a Churchill, the political instincts of a Reagan, the youth and vitality of a JFK, the moral authority of a Queen Elizabeth, and the energy and stamina of a sorority chapter president:

As well as the judgment:


Not to get political here and risk alienating the percentage of the population who may not agree with Prime Minister Marin's policies on Finland's economy, healthcare, military spending, immigration and so on, but my only regret when it comes to her political career is that she wasn't born in the US so that we could elect her President. Because we are sorely lacking the kind of leader that can get the party started, keep the inappropriateness and debauchery going until the wee hours of the morning, then be behind the Resolute Desk the next day, ready for duty. That's kind of President Ben Franklin would've wanted for America back when he was playing "Boxers, Briefs or Pantaloons?" with all the mademoiselles in Paris. 

And yet, I'm sorry to break the sad news that PM Marin will be stepping down from her lofty perch upon the world stage, due to illness. The Finnish voters got sick of her:

Source - Finland’s party-loving Prime Minister Sanna Marin conceded Sunday after losing to the opposition right-wing National Coalition Party in a tightly contested parliamentary election.

The pro-business NCP was expected to clinch 48 of the 200 seats in parliament, just ahead of the nationalist Finns Party with 46 seats. 

Marin’s Social Democrats garnered 43 seats, according to justice ministry election data. 

Marin, the world’s youngest prime minister when she took office in 2019, has faced criticism for her partying and her government’s big spending.

She remained popular among many Finns, especially young moderates, and was looked at as a millennial role model of new progressive leaders around the world.

I say again, I can't speak to her policies, and whether or not they were what was best for the people of Finland. But there's more to running a nation than merely passing legislation. There are intangible qualities that are every bit as important as laws. Leadership. Instilling national pride. Patriotism. Confidence. Projecting an air of strength. Giving the public a sense of security. All those elements of stagecraft that are an essential part of the job of ruling as anything you sign or veto. And the people of Finland - nay, the world - deserve someone who can do all those things while boozing it up and grinding on people of both sexes in a nightclub. 

Oh, well. The public has spoken. I assume they'd prefer Sanna Marin hosting a TV show or becoming a full time model to having her decide the course of Finland's future. As long as she's serving the public in some way. My apologies to you, former Prime Minister. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.