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Please End This Is Now A Variety Show. What Does That Mean? We're Not Quite Sure. Watch The Premiere To Find Out

At the start of this year, Caroline asked Rudy and I to join her podcast "PB & Slay" which she started back in the summer after winning Barstool Idol. We did some episodes together and they went well, so starting in January we joined the podcast full-time. (But first we changed that god awful name to Please End This before officially joining). Anyway, we did episodes for a couple months and had fun doing them but were then told by the higher-ups that podcasting is not the way to go and they thought our "talents" would be better suited for shorter form sketch videos and whatnot. With the New York office becoming more of a comedy hub and the launch of "Barstool Comedy," it made sense for us to become one of the first brands under that umbrella. 

The podcast was fun to do, but it's incredibly hard to start a new podcast in 2023 and gain a sizable audience. There's a million podcasts out there to choose from, and while I think ours was fine, two guys and a girl doing a comedy podcast wasn't exactly re-inventing the wheel. The industry as a whole is pivoting to more short form content (this is what people say at least). You're more likely to make a name for yourself by starting a TikTok account than starting a podcast. Now the point of podcasting is basically just to get some good social clips that will pop off on TikTok and Reels. So doing an hour long podcast every week where we just riffed about nothing wasn't very clip-able. And it was also an unfair burden on Caroline who had to edit the podcast and cut up like 20 clips a week herself. She wasn't hired to be a podcast editor. She was hired to make funny sketches and she has been making some massively viral ones recently since the podcast ended. Not a coincidence!

So anyway, the point is that it made sense for us to try something new. Something better suited for what we're good at and also better suited for TikToks/Reels/Shorts. I liked riffing on the pod for an hour a week since I don't really have another vehicle to do that, but I personally much more enjoy working on content that maybe takes more time and more effort to produce but also better scratches that creative itch. I like doing scripted or semi-scripted content that has storylines and is edited all nice and shit. My ultimate goal would be to work on a TV show or movie one day. Maybe behind the camera given my face. But anyway, the point is I don't view myself as a podcaster and Caroline and Rudy are the same way. So we're doing something that we're better equipped for and are now a "variety show." What does that mean? Well, we're not a podcast. We're not a sketch show. We're not a movie. We're not a TV show. We're not a book. We're not a magazine. We're not a painting. We're just a little bit of everything. 

We've been working on this episode for over a month and have tweaked it no less than 3 million times. We're still figuring out what exactly we want the show to be and I'm sure it'll be an evolving process for awhile until we find a repeatable formula for success. But basically there will be some sketches, some around-the-office videos, some light riffing, some talent shows, some improv, some weird transition shit, and more. Basically just trying to make the most entertaining ~15 minutes of content that we can. The plan is to release a new episode every other Monday at 7 PM ET on the Please End This YouTubeSUBSCRIBE HERE. We'll also have everything on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok so follow us there too. 

If you've liked any of my videos (Smokes Show Season 2 is in production), Caroline's viral parodies, or Rudy's work on Stool Scenes/ANUS/Twitch, then give this a shot and let us know what you think. Feedback welcome ONLY IF YOU ARE NICE AND COMPLIMENTARY AND SAY I LOOK TAN AND HAVE BEAUTIFUL GREEN EYES.