Bryce Harper Hates The Pitch Clock, Is Going To Have No Other Choice But To Hit A Million Dingers When He Returns For The MLB To Get Rid Of It

Bryce Harper and every other player in the MLB worked their ass off their entire lives to get to this point. They've been solely obsessed on the game of baseball, and have grinded for years and years to become one of the best in the world at playing it. 

Throughout all those years, the MLB had one job. To just market the game and keep it interesting for fans. They failed at that miserably. Really the only thing the league has done over the past 30 years is ban steroids and the use of their highlights on social media. Sick job, MLB. And now that the league is filled with star power again and potential to boom, the MLB is scrambling. They're frantically trying to come up with ways to remain relevant. Their big master plan? The pitch clock. Which clearly all the players hate. 

If Bryce Harper needs to be the voice for the players, he'll be the voice for the players. He didn't just let "we want our game back" slip in that interview. It wasn't like he forgot he was talking to the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast and needed to choose his words a little more carefully. He made sure to put that out there. He wanted everybody to know the Rob Manfred and the rest of the dolts who make decisions for the league are clowns for completely changing the game all these guys have played their whole lives just because they needed to do something quickly to stay relevant. They had years to figure something else out, but banning highlight clips from social media was their main priority during that time. 

So now the ball is in the league's hands. They have 15 seconds to get rid of it. Or else Bryce Harper is going to have to come back from his injury sooner than anybody would have ever expected, and proceed to launch every single ball that comes his way into orbit because the pitchers can't even have a second to breathe while he's at the plate. He'll make a mockery out of the whole league if he has to. One week into the season and he's already this pissed off? Lord have mercy on that first ball that comes his way when he gets in the lineup for the first time this summer. Or maybe even this spring. 

P.S. -- The Phillies would be the best team in baseball if it weren't for the dirty, rotten state of Texas. Need to investigate that state immediately. Between the Rangers and Astros, I really wouldn't hate if they seceded.