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Snoop Dogg Just Saved WrestleMania By Hitting An Impromptu People's Elbow After Shane O Mac Blew His Knee Out 10 Seconds Into A Match

I literally cannot believe what I just witnessed. For the first time all weekend at WrestleMania, I've been left speechless. Snoop Dogg just saved the fucking day and gave us a moment we'll never forget after Shane O Mac suffered a catastrophic injury.

Alright, so here's what happened: Shane McMahon just returned to the WWE as a surprise opponent for The Miz in a very similar segment to the one they did last night with Pat McAfee, where Snoop Dogg sets up a match for an unsuspecting, unprepared Miz….

That "HERE COMES THE MONEY" drop is always gonna get a pop from the crowd, but honestly, I was pretty disappointed by this as a big WrestleMania surprise. I was hoping for The Rock or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and I'm over Shane at this point…but I digress.

In a touching tribute to his father, Shane blew out absolutely everything in his leg the second he hit the ring….

I couldn't believe it. I gasped. When I tell you this was 10 seconds into the match, I'm telling you: this was 10 seconds into the match. I felt the secondhand panic for The Miz in my chest immediately! What the fuck do you do here?! Shane can't even stand up!

Well, if you're WrestleMania host Snoop Dogg - you call an audible, get into the ring, punch The Miz in the face, and drop the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, the People's Elbow! 

Snoop was honestly so quick with the improv, and played up the People's Elbow so well with the sunglasses throw, you would've thought this was the plan all along! I was (and still am) crying laughing at how hard Snoop laid that punch in on The Miz contrasted by how lightly Snoop hit the ropes….

I love that he pinned The Miz after the elbow, too, putting himself over in a match that never really started! 

Honestly, though? He deserved that win after how much he went for the elbow - getting major height on the jump!

That's a 51 year old man right there!

On a weekend that will go down as one of the best WrestleManias ever with amazing matches galore, this is truly one of the moments I'll remember forever. Snoop Dogg forever.