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Back: It's 2023 And Michelle Jenneke Is Winning An Australian National Title, Still Doing The Pre-Race Dancing


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A legend of the Internet. A legend of simpler times. Times when we could just say Michelle Jenneke and everyone clicked. Times when you could make jokes and no one would care. Times when, actually never mind, her dancing around is still awesome. 

But here's what I know. Jenneke is back. She ran in the Commonwealth Games. 

She competed in the World Championships in 2022

And now she's winning races again. Not just any race - an Australian National Title race. Some say that's elite. I'm not one to judge. Just what I saw. Credit where credit is due. Overcoming injuries deserves a round of applause. She could have just stayed a model. She could still be raking in cash doing that. But she wants to compete. She's out here winning again and qualifying for Worlds. If I qualified for world anything I'd be bragging about it so hard. 

I know we like to talk about nostalgia but it's because it's true. The Internet was better when Jenneke came onto our gifs for the first time. The moment we saw the first shimmy. She'll always have that … and now the 2023 Australian National title. 

Who's back of the week, nay, who's back of the year.