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Put The X Next To Their Name And Give Jalen Brunson More Money, Because The NEW YORK KNICKS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS

That's right ladies and gentleman. On this beautiful night of Wrestlemania (part 2), your New York Knicks have made the playoffs. Let me tell you something. It feels awesome. I know, I know. It's the Knicks. Who cares? Well I do. That's what matters. For one night I get to feel a little bit of happiness (after a couple of pars on the back 9 earlier today) to say our beloved New York Knicks are in the playoffs.

It's not even just making the playoffs. It's looking the part of a playoff team. It's looking the part of a team that is *likely* playing the Cavs in the 4/5 game. You know what? Bring it on. And while we're at it, pay Jalen Brunson more money. That's a guy who is a starting point guard and we haven't had one of those since, shit, Mark Jackson? Charlie Ward? There aren't a lot of options here! 

But the point is the Knicks are fucking fun. They are actually enjoyable to watch. I'm about to be 36. Do you know how many times I could say that in my entire life? 8 times maybe? Jalen Brunson is the guy. Julius Randle is an All-NBA player again. IQ should be a Knick for life. These guys all enjoy playing with each other. Every night someone shows up. Tonight? Some guy named Quentin Grimes (great pick)

Oh and another guy named Obi


I know, I know. Thibs in the regular season. Bing Bong. It's the Knicks. But you know what? They have the little x next to their name. Step 1 accomplished. Step 2, win a playoff series. It just feels good to not worry about how many lottery balls we have (but come on over Victor). It feels good to not be in the middle of nowhere. This is a young team. This is a good team.

Every single one of these guys are enjoyable. I can't stress that enough. Everyone killed the Brunson deal. Except it was always a great signing. Randle has been awesome - just get healthy please. There are a ton of options to look at going forward. I just know the Knicks are in the playoffs and it ain't that bullshit play-in game. 

Hit the music.