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The Boston Bruins Just Became The Fourth Team In NHL History To Reach 60 Wins In A Season

No Bergeron... no Krejci... no problem. The B's, without their top two centers, take care of the Blues in the SO to earn their 60th win of the year. 60! They are just the fourth team in NHL history to reach the 60 win mark in a single season. Their 29 road wins are third most in NHL history. With 5 games to go, they are 3 wins away from setting a new record for total wins in a season and 2 away from matching the '96 Red Wings and the '19 Lightning. 60-12-5 just sounds downright FAKE. I feel like I've written the same blog 100 times over this year because it's been a special season with them breaking a billion records, matching new ones or simply creating their own. Again, the Bruins could have the best regular season in the world but it won't mean a damn thing if they get bounced in the first round. But to take a step back and see what they've accomplished this year when they were coming into the season with a ton of injuries and question marks about their lineup is really amazing. Gotta give that some love but at the end of the day every guy in that locker room will tell you the same thing - their eyes are on a bigger prize. 

It is truly going to be either pure elation or the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life this spring... BUT THAT'S WHAT SPORTS ARE ALL ABOUT BABY. Gonna be one hell of a ride. I'm already nervous.


It was a great day to win a hockey game.

ps there are rumblings that Game 1 will be on Marathon Monday.. that'll be quite a crowd.

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