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The Refs In The LSU/Iowa Womens National Championship Need To Be Investigated For This Technical Called on Caitlin Clark While Letting Kim Mulkey Act Like A Damn Toddler On The Sideline


This has to be the most watched, most talked about, most anticipated women's hoops game I can remember. Caitlin Clark has taken the world by storm and everyone was excited to watch her go up against LSU today. And then the god damn refs made it all about themselves. Sure, LSU didn't miss a shot in the first half and deserve to be up by 10 at the time I'm writing this blog. But the refs, my GOD, have been atrocious to levels I didn't know was possible. Everyone tuned in to see an elite game, and the refs have absolutely stolen the show.



So while Caitlin Clark got T'd up for absolutely nothing, LSU's coach Kim Mulkey has been doing nonsense like this on the sideline the entire game:



It's been the entire game. She has the refs in her pocket in ways I've never seen before, and I've watched Coach K since I was 8 years old. Coach Kim already has me at Coach K levels of hatred. She gets away with absolutely everything, I've never seen anything quite like it. I think I saw her call a foul at one point.

It's a shame this game has been muddied by the refs and Coach Kim. Though I do expect the NCAA, since they are an upstanding organization who always does the right thing, to take a hard stance on this and make the game better for next season.