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Grinding at a Taylor Swift Concert is Certainly a Sight to Behold

Taylor Swift has people all across the country going nuts for her concert tour. I actually know someone who bought a $5,000 dress just for one of her upcoming shows. Seems excessive, especially since drinks get spilled all the time at concerts with people dancing non-stop. Now it's a Taylor Swift concert we're talking here so fans might be a little more "calm" with their movements. I picture a lot of singing and crying in the stands as everyone ruminates on their past and all the exes who have wronged them. Well, apparently I had that all pinned wrong because we've got full on-grinding in the crowd. Ass to dick, balls to the wall grinding like we're in the middle of a club at 3am. Unreal.

Maybe I've been listening to the wrong Swifty songs my entire life because I didn't think she produced a single tune that provoked this kind of mayhem. I have no issues with a couple getting their freak on at a concert, but to that kind of music? It wasn't even 'Shake It Off' which would make a little more sense (still no), but nope this was to 'Ready For It?' Deplorable human behavior. The power stance with the head palm is WILD to pull off in public like that. It's possible that guy wanted no part of the concert and the grinding concession had to be made for his attendance. Hey we're all knocking this from afar, but he looked like he had a great time. And just think the Swifty baby made that night by this couple will always have this video to look back on as the night it all began.