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Ok, This Is Ridiculous: Victor Wembanyama With A Putback Dunk On His Own 3 Point Attempt



What the...what the fuck dude? The fact every NBA team didn't tank this season is laughable. I can't believe our beloved Wizards, who haven't had a 50 win season since the 1970's, didn't start 4 guys per game and go 0-82. Let's say if Wembanyama's floor is Porzingiss, his ceiling is something we've never seen before. Every clip of his over the last 2 years has been jaw-dropping. 

Naysayers and angry commenters online loveeeee to say that he could be injury-prone because of his size. And that's fair. A lot of big guys like him have had shortened careers because the wear and tear running the floor takes on a body like that. But man, let's say he's truly a unicorn and will grow into his frame and be folded into the NBA grind at an appropriate pace? Whoever gets him could be in for truly a 1 of a kind, never before seen type of player. Let's hope it's our Wizards.