White Sox Dave Being Turned Down Asking To Take A Hit At A Concert Was One Of The Most Stunning Scenes I've Ever Witnessed

Last night White Sox Dave, Chief, and I had an awesome boy's night. Dave's been telling me about Tedeschi Trucks for as long as I've known him. I have a blog coming later on the actual show, because it deserves its own. Spoiler Alert: it was incredible.

The night was on pace to be a pretty memorable one from the jump.

We met up at Chicago Cut for a nice gentleman's dinner before the concert. When I walked in lo-and-behold our buddy Scott Darling coincidentally was there with some friends so we joined tables. Dinner was amazing as it always is at Chicago Cut, with hospitality off the charts, and only outdone by Scott dazzling us with stories the whole time that had us dying laughing. Ryan and Dave put away two massive bone-in rib eyes in times I was amazed by. We topped it off with some Weller Antique 107 batched custom for Chicago Cut thanks to Dave Flamm and headed on over to the majestic Chicago Theatre.

Somehow Dave pulled off getting us some of the best seats I've ever had the luck to sit in for a concert. We were dead center, about 15 rows back from the stage. They couldn't have been better. 

I guess that's one of the perks that comes with knowing the band.

Must be nice.

Again, full blog coming tonight, but the show was fucking incredible. The band surpassed all the hype. I feel like I had a religious experience or something while I was there listening and watching them. But I'll get to all that in my review blog.

The point of this blog is that about 3/4 of the way into the show I witnessed something I have never seen before in my entire life.

I think I've been to a few hundred concerts in my lifetime. I've seen everything from Industrial Metal, to bluegrass, and everything in between. 

Drugs are a major part of live music shows. Weed especially. 

You'd be hard-pressed to find a show to go to and not see somebody light up a joint and pass it around. 

Last night's show was no different. There was weed everywhere. Including the row of guys sitting directly in front of us. 

Out of the corner of my eye, to my right side, I could see the gears in White Sox Dave's head turning as the joint made its way down the line of friends to the last guy in their group. He was seated one guy over to the right of Dave, in the row in front.

Dave leaned over, tapped him on the shoulder and asked "could I please get that?" or something to that effect. But the important part is I did hear Dave say "please".


The guy, taller than both Ryan and I, looked Dave up and down, paused for a second, and said, "no", then turned his back to him.

The three of us were stunned.

Even noted marijuana fan RA was left speechless.


I still can't get over it and Chief and I have been getting some great laughs all day still about it.

I can't decide if it was just "the most White Sox Dave thing" ever, or if that guy was one of the worst people ever. I wish I ran into him outside so I could have asked him where his head was at in telling Dave no. 

These guys had money. Remember the seats we were in, that we didn't pay for. They did. They were dressed like country club killers, and during the intermission were talking about buying a box at the Bears home opener and "filming a "Dancing Bear" scene up there" based on the Chicago Bulls stripper suite. (maybe they saw my blog?)

They weren't some high school kids smoking roaches, that Dave was trying to mooch off of. They probably had some super synthetic hydroponic pharmaceutical shit that costs $100 a roll or some shit. Which is the only thing I can think of to make the guy say no. 

Is it more embarrassing being the guy who tells somebody that politely asks for a hit"no"? Or is it more embarrassing being turned down?