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'I Can't Let Six Seconds Define Who I Am' - Lamont Butler's Buzzer Beater Proved To Be Poetic Justice A Day After Quoting His Personal Mantra

We're now a day removed from the Final Four. A weird day because you are doing the mix of thinking about the Final Four outcomes while also preparing for Monday night's title game (and second night of Wrestlemania). But this is about Lamont Butler. On Friday he talked about his personal mantra. 

'I can't let six seconds define who I am.'

This stems from the Maui Invitational, all the way back over Thanksgiving week, when his mistakes in the final six seconds cost SDSU a win over then top-10 ranked Arkansas. Fast forward to Houston and look how much time is on the clock when Butler starts to make his play. 

He crosses halfcourt with six seconds to go. That's where six seconds define him. It's the first game-winning buzzer beater in Final Four history: 

It's the first time San Diego State will be playing for a national title. I still can't believe the ending. I'll go to my grave arguing that there's no better moment in all of sports than when a game-winner is in the air. That brief moment where two sides are frozen in fear. I love that Dutcher didn't call timeout. He didn't want to wait and like he said, he didn't have any more plays to run. 

Sure, SDSU is a big underdog (7.5 currently) for tomorrow. But who gives a shit? For a night they get to celebrate making a title game. We've seen with this Tournament all it takes is one game, one off shooting night, one night of fouls, whatever, for an upset to happen. It's fitting that Butler hit that shot after talking about six seconds defining him. 

Six seconds made Lamont Butler a March legend now.