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UConn's Jordan Hawkins Blamed His Bubble Guts/Food Poison On Bad Calamari Before The Final Four, Not Concerned About Playing Monday

I'm a man who enjoys calamari. Hell, I'm for sure a man who enjoys a delicious steak to go after my calamari. But you gotta use your brain here, Jordan. You were getting ready to play in the Final Four and you decided to eat calamari ... in Houston? Stick to the basics. You can't take the risk of getting some bubble guts before the biggest game of your career. 

Good to know he at least understands the importance of toast in this situation: 

There aren't many things worse than this situation. Not necessarily feeling bad before a big game. But having the shits when you're wearing the home whites. Any accident shows immediately. You gotta worry about ripping a fart and it being clean. No thank you. I'd rather worry about making jumpers. Sure, it didn't impact him too much. He still scored 13 even though he didn't play his normal minutes. 

Gotta stick to the simple pre-game meals no matter where you are. Chicken. Some pasta. Things of that nature. Good to know he'll play Monday. I want the national title game to be injury-proof. I don't want any major guys sitting out or sitting on a toilet. Brutal to have bubble guts while in a hotel too. Need the comfort of your own toilet where your ass is molded onto it. 

No more calamari though.